Santa Claus Letter's

Imagine the joy on a child's face as he opens a letter addressed to them personally from Santa!

Cost is $8.00 per Letter

Orders can be placed anytime through the year! 
All letters will be mailed starting on December 10th.
Each letter will be on special paper from Santa's workshop!
Please include 3 special toy's that your child has requested and will receive! 
Please include a good deed that your child has done this year!
Please include a special gift they received last year!

Santa Christmas Letter Form

Parent's Name:   Address: 

City:     State:    Zip Code:

Home Phone:   Work Phone:                Cell Phone: 

Children's Name:  Special Toy they received last year:  

Good Deed Accomplished:Special Toy's they will receive:

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Santa Claus Letter $8.00